Apple Granted Steering Wheel Patent

Another day another apple patent but this one is a bit unusual and could change cars as we know it. Apple has developed (apparently) a steering wheel remote control for its iDevices. Looks kinda ridiculous since the placement in the picture is what it will be as it is basically a clamp. For more info on the patent click here.

Panoramic iPhone Lens

Ready to shoot 360° panoramic photos with your iPhone4 or 4s? Well now you can thanks to Kogeto. It’s a pretty cool accessory for the iPhone and hopefully the people at Kogeto can send me one so I can show you some cool stuff. For now go to their website and check out some of the things it does. My favorite feature is the 360° video.

Louis Vuitton iPad Cover


Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini Ipod Dock

Looks insane…

Sonys Ipod Alarm Clock Digital Frame

Normally Ipod accessories bother me but this one is probably the most convenient and nice looking ones out there. Coming October 1st for 150USD.

Iphone Steering Wheel

The accessories for the Ipod are pretty much all bad and there are way to many. Apparently thats going to be the case for the Iphone…