BMW M135i It!

Dark Side of the C63 AMG Black Series

Volkswagen Hover Car Concept

I’m kinda confused of what I just have seen.

The Next Toytota Supra?

The car now known as the Toyota FT HS concept could possibly be the next Toyota Supra if rumors are to be true. The legendary street racing Toyota has long been rumored to be coming back (as well as the Celica) but nothing has come to fruition yet. So could this just be a rumor and just be a concept car that goes no where…who knows. *If you ask me I think we will never see a Supra or Celica again more due to the Scion brand if any high performance type Toyota comes it will be badged a Scion IMO*.

Ferrari Celebrats 8 Million Facebook Fans

Mercedes Benz A25 AMG

Some highlights….all wheel drive, turbo charged engine putting out 340HP and probably priced as an entry level AMG (which is probably around $45k).

Free Kim Dotcom!

Kim and Kimi Raikkonen on the Nurburgring racing AMG CLK DTM supercars. Another reason we need to break him out of jail internet peeps!