Shit Salesguys Say

I really don’t think I’ve seen anything more accurate.

Maison Kitsuné Fall/Winter 2012 Battle!

Christian Louboutin Freddy Man Flat In Black

And you thought Louboutin’s were just for women. Well the Freddy Man Flat has been around and I’m not too keen on it in all the creme and white colors with chrome studs but this black shoe is definitely for me. Love it now only if it was 1500 USD….

2012-2013 Nike Barcelona Kit

Now these have been leaked already so this may not be news to you but the new Barca shirts were officially revealed today. Probably in my opinion the most controversial design of the year so far for all the major clubs. There has been a bit of uproar over Man Utd’s checkers and the Arsenal blue strips on sleeves but these are the most drastic shirts for all the big clubs this year. What Nike is thinking in taking the stripes away from Barca’s kit and making an away kit that literally is hard to look at is mind boggling at this point but lets see how it looks on the field….still it is making people talk about it and not about Barca not winning much this year…

Adidas Originals Presents Retro Football Shirts

Adidas announced a set of 4 “adidas Originals” retro football shirts to coincide with the Euro 2012 kickoff. The 4 shirts are of France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Gotta say that the Spain and Italy one’s are my favorites now and from the past!

Versace Fall/Winter 2012

Louis Vuitton Golf Bags

Who knew? Oh and its 12-13,500 USD.