Apple Granted Steering Wheel Patent

Another day another apple patent but this one is a bit unusual and could change cars as we know it. Apple has developed (apparently) a steering wheel remote control for its iDevices. Looks kinda ridiculous since the placement in the picture is what it will be as it is basically a clamp. For more info on the patent click here.

Dubai Wants An Underwater Hotel

Yep Dubai is going to do it again. Dubbed the “Water Discus Hotel” it’s the first of 7 hotels that will feature 21 underwater rooms. A one of the kind lighting system will illuminate the ocean so you will not be able to miss any of the underwater scenery if staying there.

Evacuated Tube Transport The Future Is Now

Amazing technology don’t know much about it besides this video. Just imagine how this would change everything as you know it from normal travel to sports to dj gigs. You literally would change the world IMO business would be conducted on an even more global scale.

Futuristic On A Whole New Level : i-Suite Hotel

Italian architect Simone Micheli has designed the interior for the i-SUITE Hotel in Rimini, Italy.

Futuristic Movie Timeline