Apple Granted Steering Wheel Patent

Another day another apple patent but this one is a bit unusual and could change cars as we know it. Apple has developed (apparently) a steering wheel remote control for its iDevices. Looks kinda ridiculous since the placement in the picture is what it will be as it is basically a clamp. For more info on the patent click here.

2 Movie Trailers 1 Cheesy and 1 sMart

Gotta love the cheesyness. Yes I admit I’m a movie snob but I will be watching this just to get my AMERICA FUCK YEAH mode on. Expect explosions and cheesy lines and bad acting and dont forget dead non white people. Sweet!

A lost interview with Steve Jobs and its done by Magnolia? Count me in!

iPad 3 aka iPad HD debuts today

More info coming post debut but rumor has it that it’s main new features are : higher rez screen, 4G LTE, better csmeras, Yes Everything was announced like expected. Very cool and similar price to iPad2

iPhone 4G?

This looks like its the new iPhone 4G set to release this summer (rumor). While most aren’t clear on what carrier will have it in the US, some say Verizon (best service and biggest carrier) but it seems ATT will still have the exclusive as all ATT employees have been told to not take vacations during June (similar policy to other iPhone launches). New features include camera in front, high rez display and flash for night photos. Im sure there are much more too cant wait!

The iPad is Overpriced

God damn look at those prices! I still havent been convinced of this whole tablet movement anyway. Looks cool but no way I can pay that for something that is just a advanced display and features more in depth apps than my iPhone.

Apple TV….Service?

Would you pay $30 a month to watch TV via iTunes?

That’s the pitch Apple has been making to TV networks in recent weeks. The company is trying to round up support for a monthly subscription service that would deliver TV programs via its multimedia software, multiple sources tell me.

Apple (AAPL) isn’t tying the proposed service to a specific piece of hardware, like its underwhelming Apple TV box or its long-rumored tablet/slate device. Instead, the company is presenting the offer as an extension of its iTunes software and store, which already has 100 million customers.

A so-called “over the top” service could theoretically rival the ones most consumers already buy from cable TV operators–if Apple is able to get enough buy-in from broadcast and cable TV programmers.

That’s a big if: Apple has told industry executives it wants to launch the service early next year, but I have yet to hear of a single programmer that has made a firm commitment to the company, which has tasked iTunes boss Eddy Cue with promoting the idea.

Industry executives believe that if anyone jumps first, it will be Disney (DIS), since CEO Bob Iger has shown a willingness to experiment with Apple and iTunes in the past: In 2005, Disney was the first player to sell its programming on iTunes, via a-la-carte downloads. And Apple CEO Steve Jobs is Disney’s largest single shareholder, a result of Disney’s 2006 acquisition of Jobs’s Pixar animation studio. Apple didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Network executives I’ve talked to are intrigued by the idea–they are eager to find new revenue streams–but are also wary, for several reasons.

Cable networks, for instance, don’t want to threaten existing relationships and subscription fees from cable providers like Comcast (CMCSA). And programmers are also worried about the effect a subscription service would have on advertising revenue: Even if the service didn’t distribute TV programs until after their initial air date, that could cut into ratings, which now measure viewership over the course of several days.

But the move to deliver TV and movies over the Web is already well under way. Netflix (NFLX), for instance, already bundles free streaming movie and television along with its disc-by-mail subscription service. iTunes and Amazon (AMZN) rent movies on a one-off basis, and Google’s (GOOG) YouTube is trying out the same thing. Meanwhile, Hulu, the joint venture between GE’s (GE) NBC, News Corp.’s (NWS) Fox, and ABC, is figuring out how to launch a paid service that may include rentals, paid downloads or subscriptions.

So Apple’s proposed subscription service, which the company has floated in the past, is no longer a huge stretch. Says one executive briefed on the company’s plans: “I think they might get it right this time.”

Nikeid App

Wow what a cool application! As a returning iPhone customer/blackberry betrayer I will be getting this ASAP