Colombian Donkey Sex?

Well the short doc above is pretty NSFW its kinda not safe for anyone but whatever. Also, do I really need to say that on this site. If you are here you already dont care about safe for work shit…. Anyways another beauty from the boys at This time they travel to Cartagena Colombia to investigate an epidemic of men and teenage boys fucking donkeys. Seriously….Hey as I always say different strokes for different folks LOL 😐

*BTW the video is not some jokey video it actually is pretty enlightening into rural Colombian culture I guess….dont judge until you watch is all Im saying*

Your CocaCola London 2012 Olympic Bottles Are Here

The ad campagin is from MWM Graphics and Attik…I’m not really sure they go with the London 2012 theme but I don’t know anything anyways.

Nicklas Bendtner Is A Goal Scoring Billboard

I think Portugal killer/Dane Nicklas Bendtner is going to be in a bit of trouble with UEFA after wearing Paddy Power underwear. Whats Paddy Power might you ask? Well its a major online betting service.  This could be very ironic if it was an Italian player wearing the underwear….


Daily Dime


Tatiana Golovin is an Russian/French professional Tennis player and model. She is currently dating French/Man City midfielder Samir Nasri.

*Part of the Euro 2012 Daily Dimes*

David Stern vs Jim Rome

Whoa things got heated today on Jim Rome’s radio show where he had NBA commissioner David Stern on. The very tense conversation escalated to the point where David Stern asked Jim Rome if he still beats his wife….for real.

Listen to the audio here

For the record I think Stern is a bit of a power monger but all the points (basketball not wife beating accusations) he normally makes are good ones in my eye and he has been very good for the league.

Lamborghini Aventador Races A Hot Rod & F16 Falcon Jet


As you know the Aventador has quickly become my holy grail of cars. I absolutely love the design and performance of the Italian (german) super car. In these two videos it faces stiff competition from a supped up Hot Rod & a F16 Falcon Jet.

Its This Guys Lucky Day


The only reason I posted this terrifying pre-man rape video is because this is from my local White Castle. These chicks are gonna tear that boy apart….