Caption This Crazyness

This is in Chile where they were rioting over a premier of a documentary of ex Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. I don’t know much on the riots or issue so I wont speak on it but look at this photo. First you got these two geezers going at it and is that older guy blind? WTF?!

Colombian Donkey Sex?

Well the short doc above is pretty NSFW its kinda not safe for anyone but whatever. Also, do I really need to say that on this site. If you are here you already dont care about safe for work shit…. Anyways another beauty from the boys at This time they travel to Cartagena Colombia to investigate an epidemic of men and teenage boys fucking donkeys. Seriously….Hey as I always say different strokes for different folks LOL 😐

*BTW the video is not some jokey video it actually is pretty enlightening into rural Colombian culture I guess….dont judge until you watch is all Im saying*